TVPX 1031 Depreciation Solution V 5.5
TVPX 1031 is an extremely efficient way to calculate federal or book depreciation. All methods required for asset depreciation are included in an easy to use calculator format. By filling in a few fields, the user can quickly produce an asset schedule, which can be printed or exported to Excel. 

This is an ideal software application for a CPA, or anyone doing taxes, justifying capital purchases, or manually booking taxes.

TVPX also calculates the adjusted tax basis of replacement property purchased as part of a Like-Kind Exchange under IRS Section 1031.

    TVPX 1031 Features
  • A formal asset schedule can be printed for the asset.
  • Export your schedules to Excel.
  • Unlimited FREE technical support is included.
  • Extensive on-line help details methods and tax requirements.
  • Calculates Luxury Automobile Depreciation, adjusting for auto limits.
  • Constantly revised to keep current with federal tax changes.
  • Determines the 30%, 50%,  or 100% Depreciation Bonus (Special  Bonus Allowance).
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