Web Depreciation
MTW Web Depreciation is a complete online fixed asset system, which includes two books, management reporting, and asset tracking. All methods required for federal tax reporting are included in an easy to use web application. Extensive on-line help details all the features of this software.

This cost-effective solution was designed to meet your business needs. It does journal entries, bonus depreciation, amortization, MACRS, 179 deduction, 4562 form, and asset depreciation; everything you need in an asset management application. There are fifteen standard reports, which you can preview, print, or export.
    Advantages of a Web Application
  • There is no software or updates to install.
  • Your data is backed up nightly.
  • You can easly import or export your data at any time.
  • The application is available from anywhere that you have Internet access
    Web Depreciation Features
  • Keeps track of your Fixed Assets.
  • Includes easy to use Import & Export functions.
  • Produces a monthly journal entry for booking depreciation.
  • Most reports can be produced for any period, historical or future.
  • Eleven tax reports and four book reports are provided.
  • A formal asset schedule can be printed.
  • Supports fiscal years ending in any calendar month.
  • Unlimited FREE technical support is included.
  • A Sample Company & data is included to reduce the learning curve.
    Compliant with all Federal Tax Requirements
  • Computes Form 4562.
  • Tracks Section 179 deductions and limits.
  • Calculates Luxury Automobile Depreciation accounting for auto limits and adjust for business percent that may vary by year.
  • Determines Depreciation Bonus  (Specail Allowance).
  • Automatically computes if mid quarter convention is required.
  • Constantly revise to keep current with federal tax changes.
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